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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Complete Oarsman

Talking about R.C. ‘Rudie’ Lehman’s The Complete Oarsman, the good man Bernard Hempseed sent me an e-mail the other say with a link to a ‘readable’ copy of the book. Bernard writes,

Here is a site that has the text of Lehman’s book The Complete Oarsman. It is in a number of sections but each is easy to get. They can be copied into a word document but would take a bit of formatting to turn it into something printable. I downloaded just some of it - history and great races - but the technical stuff may be of interest to some. The other website I sent you earlier also had the book but the text file was hopeless as it was very poorly done. Here is The Complete Oarsman.

Thank you, Bernard!

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