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Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Hat For Henley?

Well, 15th of May has passed, and I have not yet taken out my straw hat from the wardrobe. Here in America many people think that 'straw hat season' started already at Easter, while others think it starts at Memorial Day. Both are wrong, it's 15th of May, gentlemen! That is, if the weather allows you to wear a straw hat, and sadly, here in the south-eastern corner of Connecticut, it has been pouring for days...

Although, the hat that illustrates this little entry is a 'Boater', that is not what I have anymore. My nice, old vintage Boater was filched at a summer party many years ago, so now I have a rather regular straw hat.

However, I just might buy myself a new hat for Henley Royal this year...

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