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Monday, May 2, 2011

'Blue' Eric Powell: A Kazakhstani Hamster Breeder?

HTBS’s Tim Koch has found something funny on – he writes:

We all know how useful Wikipedia can be and (I hope) we all know that its great strength is also its great weakness - anyone can alter postings. At present the entry for Eric Powell reads:

“Erica Powell (6 May 1886 - 17 August 1933) was a Kazakhstani model, games developer and occasional hamster breeder who competed for Kazakhstan in the 1908 Summer Olympics.”

It also tells us his Olympic Medal Record is: Women’s Sex, Bronze, 1908 London.

I had always thought that Powell was an English rower, schoolmaster and artist who competed for Great Britain in the 1908 Summer Olympics where he won a bronze in the eights. I stand corrected.

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