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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Rowing Books Online

Talking about Tim Koch’s interesting entry about R.C Lehmann’s books online, Bernard Hempseed of New Zealand sent me an exciting link the other day where other old, and some very rare, rowing books can be found. Bernard writes,

“I was having a look around on the net the other day and found something I had not come across before. This site - - I have looked at before and they have quite a lot of books on rowing.

You can read these online or download them. A PDF file is usually available and this can be saved or printed out. The easiest to download is plain text but these have only been OCR’ed and there are lots of errors in them. However, sometimes this is useful as not all PDF’s are easy to print. If you print something out and bind it, you have yourself a rowing book.”

I have spent a thrilling time looking at these ‘goodies’ – thank you, Bernard for sharing!

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