Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oxford Barges 1932

HTBS received an e-mail from Ian M. in Oxford. He writes, ‘Further to the article about the Oxford college barges (HTBS 22 April, 2013), I recently saw an image “Folly Bridge and environs, Oxford, 1932” on the Britain From Above web site.’ See on top!

Ian continues, ‘As far as I can see this predates the college boathouses and shows the number of barges along this stretch of the Isis, around 25 on my count. Unfortunately, the web site requires you to register before allowing you to zoom in.’

Thank you, Ian, for pointing out this great image.

There are more interesting rowing images on this web site, you will find some from The Boat Race here.

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  1. chattering manFriday, 03 May, 2013

    Folly Bridge ? You're havin' a laugh ! Where's Christchurch Meadows, the colleges, anything recognisable as Oxford ?

  2. To see the rest of Oxford, some 'recognisable' spots, please click on the link "Folly Bridge and environs, Oxford 1932", and then on 'Nearby images' on the left and you will find what you are looking for...

  3. Actually I think I’ve got it now, the view is looking down stream from Folly Bridge, so Christ Church meadows are top right, the line of trees bordering the meadows at the top is the Cherwell, you can make out both the old course and the New Cut of the Cher, opposite the New Cut the solitary building on the South Side of the river is the OUBC boathouse and head quarters, and top of the picture is the dog’s leg in the river I’ve always understood to be ‘The Gut’. Donnington Bridge must be just out of frame at the very top.

    When I learned to row, in the ‘70s, there was still at least one of the college barges quietly rotting away just below Donnington Bridge (and we had wooden boats and blades !)

    Apologies for suggesting that HTBS could possibly misattribute a photo !