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Saturday, May 18, 2013

HTBS on Twitter

Two weeks ago I accidentally dropped my cell phone on the floor and it went to pieces. To be honest, it did not make me that sad because it was an old phone. With it, I had been able to make phone calls (of course!) and I could send text messages, but that was more or less it. I could not browse the internet, or watch films on YouTube, or take pictures (regarding the latter, I was always afraid I was going to inadvertently take pictures of my ear when I was chatting on the phone and then send pictures of my ear to people...). Now, I being without a cell phone, both Mrs B. and our daughter, who is not yet a teenager, began lobbying for a more advanced cell phone, and eventually I agreed to buy a smart phone. This happened a week ago, and I am almost getting the hang of it. Then Mrs. B. launches a second 'attack' - with the right tool (read: a smart phone), HTBS could have a Twitter account, she said. And earlier today, it happened. HTBS now has a Twitter account: @boatsing (sorry folks, someone had already filched HTBS, yes, annoying, is it not?). Nevertheless, I have to warn you, it is a soft launch, please, do not expect too much from it...

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