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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What the Moon Meant

What the Moon Meant

The moon followed him
All the way back.
He had rowed too far out.
Landmarks appeared to have vanished.
Where her thought the lighthouse,
No lighthouse shone.
Had he heard a sound?
Had something moved in the water
Near him?  In his mind he saw
Moonlight glitter off the teeth of a shark.
But the moon was pacing him
Like a silent coxswain.

From time to time as he rowed
He turned round to see
Where he was headed.  No fur of light shone
In the distance on the skyline
Above where he thought the little town should lay.
But the moon did not abandon him.
He rowed as one with the moonlight.
It was then he realized,
So long as he was
One with the light
He would be

Philip Kuepper
(December 2010)

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