Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Look Dashing!

Yesterday, HTBS received an e-mail from our dear friend Louis Petrin from Downunder. Louis just wanted to let us know that he had received his HTBS tie that he had ordered. He writes, ‘Please excuse my poor attempts at creativity but it was exciting and I wanted to do something to put the tie and the HTBS blog in context.’

Looking at Louis’s photographs, ever since I meet him, I thought he was a handsome-looking fellow, but with the HTBS tie on, he looks dashing!

Louis is looking smart, isn't he? Behind him, we can catch a glimpse of his rowing book library ~ very nice.

If you, dear reader, also would like to look smart, order your own HTBS tie, there are only a few left, as a matter of fact.

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