Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Danish Old Boat!

Greg Denieffe sent HTBS some breaking news from Denmark. An old boat has been found during an excavation at the Vordingborg Castle in the town of Vordingborg. The famous Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde posted some congratulations on Facebook and a picture. I can only agree with Greg, when he writes: ‘Looks like she needs a bit of work to get rowable!’

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  1. There are eight more photographs on the Facebook page of 'Danmarks Borgcenter - The Danish Castle Centre' under the heading 'Das Boot' (I wonder if they will make a movie about this one?).!/DanmarksBorgcenter

    If you are interested in this type of discovery, I can recommend the Shire book 'Ancient Boats and Ships' by Seán McGrail (2006 edition) which is easily obtained via the internet or on Ebay.