Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nestle's 1938 Rowing Cards, Part 1

Two weeks ago, I won some premium cards on eBay. It was, I believe, a full set of Nestle's Rowing style sport cards from 1938, the same year the famous rowing coach Steve Fairbairn died. The cards on the left, five out of a total of 12, show the Fairbairn 'style' (on the left) v. the old Orthodox style (on the right).

Tomorrow the rest of these beautiful cards will be posted.


  1. Hey.Congratulations for wining Nestle's 1938 Rowing Cards. It is very nice cards. I will be waiting for the next post.

  2. This illustrates how much interest in and knowledge of the public at large had in rowing before the 1939 - 45 War. It is amazing that these very technical points were considered interesting enough for general distribution.

    Tim Koch.

  3. Thank you, 'Yacht Charter Dubai', this set of rowing cards is truly beautiful.

    And, I agree, Tim, it is amazing to us today to think that the rowing styles controversy would make it into trading cards.