Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Checking Off The List For HRR

Here at HTBS, we are getting ready to visit the Henley Royal Regatta. This year the regatta runs between 29 June to 3 July. So, do I have everything I need for this great social and sport event? Let's see: blazer - check; a couple of white shirts and some other coloured shirts - check; ties: yes, I will brings some of my favourites - check; trousers: yes, my white coloured will do, and then maybe two pairs of the off-white - check; straw hat: now, there's a problem, my favourit one has a big crack in it, and my old boater vanished at a party, my current one is not appropriate for Henley Royal... so, time to buy a new one; I will have the time to buy one in London, or even buy one in Sweden, where I will be staying for a week before I go to London and Henley-on-Thames - no check; socks: of course, I never wear shoes without socks, I don't care what the fashion states - check; shoes: now, there is another snag, the brown shoes I bought the other day need to be broken in, so that pair will probably be good for Henley Royal 2012, I will have to come up with something; camera, do I need a camera? Well, maybe, however, I will meet up with fellow HTBS-arians Hélène Rémond and Tim Koch, and my dear friend Per Ekström, Editor-in-Chief of the Swedish rowing magazine, will be there, maybe they will bring a camera? (I would hate to spill Pimm's on my wife's camera...) - so, don't check that one off yet; anything else? Well, luckily there are a few days left before the flight leaves for Europe...


  1. Myself and she who must be obeyed will be there on Wednesday. After that I may go again and meet up with friends from my old club. Weather is downright dismal at the minute. Hopefully it will pickup for the regatta. Have a great trip.

    Greg Denieffe

  2. I will be at Henley on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, not sure about Sunday. Maybe we will meet, Greg?

  3. Don't worry Göran ! I won't go to Henley without my camera ;-)
    See you soon !