Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Thursday, June 30, 2011

At Henley At Last!

Finally and at last, Henley Royal Regatta has started - and HTBS is there, three-person strong! (add also my good friend Per E., editor of the Swedish rowing magazine). I have written about this famous regatta for many years, mostly for the Swedish rowing magazine, but I have to confess this is the first year that I am actually on the spot - and I cannot really understand what held me back all these years. It is a marvellous event, both when it comes to the sport factor, the rowing, and the social factor, drinking tea and Pimms, and then add a couple of beers on top of that. Here are some shots that Hélène R. took. More will follow tomorrow....

Three handsome chaps, or....

Of course, we are hoping to be able to give you some race results, too.

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