Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rowing School Girls In The 1950s

Already in another entry (Rowing Books For Youths 1, on 7 August 2009), I have talked about the Amalgamated Press, which for several years published magazines for girls and boys. This publishing company, which also published books under the names Fleetway Publications and Fleetway House (as it was located in Fleetway House in London), also came out with juvenile ‘annuals’. The School Friend Annual started in 1927 to entertain girls with cartoons, strips, poems, articles, stories, and fashion, etc. In 1953 and 1959, the covers of The School Friend Annual show girls in a rowing setting. While both pictures are ‘nice’, artistic improvements could have been made to the details of the boats. Now, the riggers go right into the hull (1953) and the sculling girl in the single is using terribly ‘thin’ sculls (1959).

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