Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 156th Boat Race

A week from today, Saturday 3 April, it is time for the Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge on the Thames again. Last year Oxford won. The best site to get information about the crews, the course, the race history, where to view the race, and crew video diaries, etc is the official site, The promotion video, the Xchanging Boat Race 2010 Promo, as it is called, featuring old Blue, Olympic and World champion Matthew Pinsent, can be viewed below.

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  1. Before this year (being Canadian), I’d never heard of ‘The Boat Race’ or ‘Xchanging Boat Race’ and from what I understand it’s literally a race held between two boats. Crazy. This is an unbiased, factual, and comprehensive guide to the 2010 Boat Race I found: