Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Marvellous Rowing Pictures, At Shorpy 3

One of my favorite photographs from the Shorpy archive is ‘Jocks in Socks,’ which is showing an eight of the Potomac Boat Club on 20 September, 1919. I do not know what race the crew won, but the oarsmen look happy for the prize ‘pot’ standing on the right.

Anyone browsing around the Shorpy photo archive can leave comments which are posted below the image. This picture, called ‘Jocks in Socks’, has quite a few of funny comments, especially for a rower. Most of the people leaving comments have no idea how to row, or the rowers’ ‘dress code’, so the oarsmen’s wet socks create a little stir, together with whom is the ‘hottest’ oarsman… To read the comments, please click here.

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