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Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Marvellous Rowing Pictures, At Shorpy 2

Here Tim Koch continues to talk about some photographs from the Shorpy archive:

“It is interesting to compare these American pictures with those of British University crews of the time. The Brits would not row or be photographed with their shirts off and would mostly be using ‘fixed pins’ and not the swivel rowlocks that all these crews have (except Penn Varsity 1914 below).”

Penn varsity crew, 1914.

Tim continues: “I Britain in 1926 these women would have covered their arms and legs.”

1 May, 1926. Washington, D.C. Eight-oar shell crew of the Capital Athletic Club on the Potomac between the Francis Scott Key and Aqueduct bridges.

“Is this leather or chamois on the seats of these men's shorts? When I started rowing in 1984 we would sew bar towels to the seats or our rowing shorts.”

Cornell varsity crew at Poughkeepsie. June 18, 1911.

To be continued...

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