Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Results from this Weekend's Regattas

European Champions in the women's pair: Helen Glover and Polly Swann of Great Britain. Photo: British Rowing.

This weekend saw some interesting regattas on both sides of the pond, which we mentioned yesterday. In the U.S., it was the NCAA and the IRA. In Europe, it was the European Championships and the Scottish Championships and the Scottish Schools’ Championships. South of Scotland, Tim Koch reminded us about Eights’ Week in Oxford and Bryan Kitch of RowingRelated about the Metropolitan Regatta at Dorney. Tim promised us a report from Eights’ Week later on, while results from the other mentioned regattas will be found below (posting this Sunday evening, some results have not yet been posted, but hopefully they will be up very soon):

Scottish Championships
Scottish Schools’ Championships
Met Regatta
European Championships

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