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Monday, January 13, 2014

About Swaddle & Winship

A Text-Book of Oarsmanship by Gilbert C. Bourne has information about Swaddle & Winship, but in which other books will you find information about this boat building company?

The other day, HTBS received an e-mail from a lady in England who was looking for information about her boat building ancestors, the Swaddles from the north of England. While I was able to help her a little by giving her some information about the boat building firm Swaddle & Winship of Newcastle-on-Tyne, which built racing shells for both Oxford and Cambridge in the 1870s, I would like to reach out to the readers of HTBS to ask if any of you might know where she might find more information.

I gave here a couple of book titles where the company Swaddle & Winship are mentioned, A Text-Book of Oarsmanship (1925) by Gilbert C. Bourne and The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race (1983) by Chris Dodd. She has also contacted the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames, but I am sure that you readers have come across Swaddle & Winship in your research and readings.

Please send your information to HTBS via e-mail: gbuckhorn - at -

Thank you
~ Göran R Buckhorn

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