Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Friday, July 12, 2013

Viewing the 299th Coat and Badge

The Doggett's Finish in 1869.

HTBS's London correspondent Tim Koch writes,

The 2013 Doggett’s Coat and Badge will take place today, Friday, 12 July, on the traditional course from London Bridge to Cadogan Pier in Chelsea. A course map with suggested viewing points for this 300 year old sculling race for newly qualified Thames Watermen is here. As the 299th race starts at 12.45 and finishes a little less than thirty minutes later, anyone working in the City of London may be able view it during their lunch break. This year’s race has a very special visitor and HTBS will be there to report on the day.

The Doggett's Finish in 2011.

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