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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three Magazines

Three magazines have recently been published, all with different articles connected to rowing. In the Penn Gazette, sport section (July 5, 2013), rowing historian Peter Mallory is interviewed about legendary Harry Parker, Harvard's head coach, who recently passed away. Read this article, here.

In another university magazine, Bostonia, the alumni magazine of Boston University, is an interesting article about how BU oarsmen are trying to bring the sport of rowing to war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Read that article, "Rowing to Kabul", here.

Daniel James Brown's book The Boys in the Boat keeps finding ways to be mentioned in the media - publishers Viking has done a great job promoting the book. Recently, the WoodenBoat magazine had Christopher Cunningham, son of rowing legend Frank Cunningham, who recently passed away, to write a favourable review abut the book, and in the July/August issue is an article adapted from The Boys in the Boat. If you are still not sure if you would like to spend the money on the book, buy the current issue of the WoodenBoat magazine and read the excerpt from the book. This issue also has some other interesting articles, I think, for example how a replica has been built of Pilar, Ernest Hemingway's boat, which is going to be used in an upcoming movie about the famous author's sportfishing days.

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