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Thursday, September 27, 2012

World Rowing Launches New Environmental Section

In a press release published today, the International Rowing Federation, FISA, announces a new environmental section on its website. In the press release it says:

The new Clean Water Video, produced jointly by World Rowing and WWF, is a main feature of this new sub-site. It was filmed during the 2011 World Rowing Championships in the surroundings of the pristine mountain water lake in Bled, Slovenia. The video sends a clear message on how all rowers are responsible for safeguarding their rowing environment and how the sport of rowing is reliant on clean water.

This new web section also includes links to articles about clean water and rowing, as well as environmental tips for rowers and boathouses. It also gives rowing clubs the opportunity to share their story on how they have positively impacted their rowing environment. Links to World Rowing publications including the updated Environmental Sustainability Guidelines Policy and other guidelines are also provided. And, most importantly, this new environmental web page gives suggestions on how rowers can become an active part of the Clean Water Movement.

FISA and WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, have been partners for the promotion of Clean Water since the spring of 2011. The aim of this strategic alliance is to educate rowers and fans about the importance of the sport to the global environment. The alliance is also about establishing new best practices in sustainable sports event management and making environmental impact a more significant criterion in the event-bidding process; we have a responsibility to take to ensure that rowing events do not have a negative impact on the water courses.

Speaking on behalf of World Rowing, FISA President Denis Oswald said: “Rowers have an intimate and intense relationship with water. Naturally, they are interested in ensuring that the water bodies on which they row are protected and maintained, not just for their own use, but for the many other groups and communities who also rely upon it. This new Clean Water video illustrates our relationship with water and, our new environmental web-section features a Call for Action to all those in the Rowing World who want to improve the aquatic habitat on which they conduct their sport. We are convinced that this strategic alliance with WWF International is the most effective way that we can help raise global awareness for the need to preserve this most precious resource.”

Stuart Orr, Freshwater Manager, WWF International said: “The rivers and the lakes where competitions are held are an integral part of much larger, often threatened, ecosystems. To be able to work in an innovative way with FISA allows us to be able to reach new key audiences who can help us to deliver on our conservation goals.”

WWF is the world’s largest and most respected independent nature conservation organisation, with more than 5 million supporters and a network active in more than 100 countries across all continents. One of the main priorities of WWF is to protect freshwater ecosystems and improve water access, efficiency, and allocation for people and the environment, which is why our partnership is a perfect fit in promoting clean water.

Go to the new website here.

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