Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Vogalonga

The Vogalonga

We will not hurry
The race.
In fact, we will make
A day of it,
Pull in our oars
When the mood dictates,
And hoist one with
Whomever we meet.

Ah!  For this one day
No waves!,
From the motor launches
Eating away
At the foundations
Of the Serene One,
Only the happy slapping
Of our oars on the storied water,

The Great Serpent of a canal
Essing past palaces and hotels,
Essing under the Rialto,
To the lagoon and beyond,
To Burano, Murano, Sant'Erasmo.
Only oars will resound,
And the cheers of celebration
Floating out on the air of the floating city.

We will not hurry the day.
We will luxuriate in the luxury city.
We will row through the glittering
Sun on the water.
Sun on the serene water.
We will be one
With the Great Fish swimming beneath us.
We will mark Eternity.

Philip Kuepper
(September 2012)

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