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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Olympic Posters

Following the tradition from the 1912 Olympic Games held in Stockholm, ‘local’ artists have been commissioned to design the posters for next year’s Olympics and Paralympics in London. Twelve British artists’ work have now been made public at the Tate Britain (earlier known as the Tate Gallery), the Daily Telegraph wrote the other day. While there maybe are some nice modern art pieces among these posters, personally, I think that none of them are thrilling enough to be an Olympic poster. And honestly, I do not understand which is going to be the Olympic poster, if one has been selected yet. Have a look at these posters here.

The Daily Telegraph is also offering a gallery of the Olympic posters from the start of the ‘modern’ Games in 1896, and some comments of how good or bad they were. One could of course poke fun of the nudity in the Stockholm poster above, but it is at least trying to be international with all of the flags of the competing nations - and the Union Jack is right behind the Swedish flag. To see the old Olympic posters to determine for yourselves, click here.

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