Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Sunday, October 31, 2010

U.S. Women Rowing Calendar

On 5 October I wrote about the Canadian women's calendar 'We Row: The Canadian Women of Canadian Rowing' (click here to go to that entry), and now the U.S. Women are offering their calendar 'Power and Grace 2011 Portraits of American Women Rowers Fundraising Calendar'. If you like to support the U.S. Women, you can pre-order their calendar at a special price, $9.50 (plus shipping & handling: USA $3.95; Canada $4.95; rest of the world $7.25) until 15 November. After that date the calendar price will be $19.95. Hurry up to order your copy by clicking here.


  1. how can I buy the US womens calendar ? by e-commerce ? by phone ?
    Pls let me know at Thks!

  2. Here is the contact information for the company selling the calendar:

    Yearbox Calendars
    1447 Martin Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95126
    Toll-free: 877-567-4595
    Tel: 408-279-8123
    Fax: 408-216-7885
    or, click on the last word - 'here' - in the last sentence above, and that will take you to the company's e-mail address.