Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chabon's Introduction To The Long Ships

Earlier this year, the brilliant novel The Long Ships by Swedish author Frans G Bengtsson came out in a new edition. Michael Chabon wrote an excellent introduction, and the HTBS reader who is interested in this introduction will find it the June issue of the Paris Review. Click here to read it. (Please observe the little drawing on the right hand side of the sub-line ‘the Paris Review Daily’ – a single scull!) I still think that you should buy Bengtsson's book, and I think you will after reading Chabon's text. The cover on the right is from a previous edition that the Swedish publisher came out with in the 1950s.


  1. I just acquired a 1954 hardbound copy that is the issue you picture. Can't wait to read it, as I've seen only good reviews!

  2. Dear Richard - I promise you, you will enjoy the read!

  3. I'm reading it now (the same edition as pictured, minus the dust jacket), am almost finished, and it is indeed terrific.