Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Henley: Ready To Go

The Leander raft, the boat tent area and the regatta finish viewed through the balustrades of Henley Bridge.

Tim Koch was at Henley on Tuesday, the day before the regatta started, and he writes:

I am pleased to report that the course is straight, the Pimm’s is chilled and the weather is excellent. Unfortunately the competitors seem to get younger and thinner every year but perhaps that is just when viewed in relation to my own age and waistline. Here is pictorial proof that 2014 Henley Royal Regatta is ready to mark its 175th year in good style.

Yale University, one of the eight contenders for the Remenham Challenge Cup (Women’s Open Eights). The U.S. is one of twenty overseas countries represented.

Bladework in the boat tent area.

Durham University 'A', one of two Durham crews in the Temple Challenge Cup (Men’s Student Eights).

London’s crew for the Thames Cup (Men’s Club Eights) in a reflective mood.

Regatta Headquarters, just upstream of Henley Bridge. Strangely, during Henley time it is deserted as all the administration moves to the regatta area.

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