Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Female Rowers with their Cute Purses

Talking about rowers’ knees and legs, as HTBS did yesterday, well, male ones, it is time to show some female rowers in shorts. However, the most interesting thing with this photograph, depicting some young women carrying their oars down to the River Thames in London in 1939, is the women’s cute little purses. Do you think that these women are vain, bringing their purses with lipstick, face powder, a little mirror perhaps and…? Well, you are wrong. They are only trying to save their lives - in their cute purses are gas masks.


  1. Any idea where this was taken? It looks as if it could be the foreshore at Tom Green's boathouse, Barnes Bridge. Alpha Ladies boated from there, but I'm informed that those are not their blades.

    Colin Cracknell

  2. Colin ~ sorry, I do not know where this photograph was taken, more than in London in 1939.