Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Reality of Art

The Reality of Art

Eakins' scullers I paint
on my visual cortex,
on the too crowed river
of my visual cortex.
There is a peacefulness
in the paint he uses,
peacefulness mixed into the various
shades of colors he paints,
a peacefulness painted vibrant.

Eakins' scullers anchor
his painted rivers.
They act as connectors
between rivers and skies.
They hold together
the trees clouding green
the banks of the rivers, the bridges,
trestled and arched.  In fact,
the way in whick the scullers
hold their oars appear arced,

to complement the arcing
bridges.  A quiet vibration
is painted beneath the visible
skin of the scullers, a palpable
energy beneath the still
canvas, my visual cortex
senses and sets
into intellectual motion.
I shrug the painted oars
through the painted rivers.

Philip Kuepper
(27 July, 2013)

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