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Friday, June 21, 2013

Today is Dorney Day!

Today, the second round of FISA's World Cup starts at Eton Dorney in England. Among the forty nations that will compete today and this weekend, many took medals at the 2012 Olympic rowing regatta at Dorney Lake, or at the first round of the World Cup regatta in Sydney earlier this summer, or only a couple of weeks ago at the European Championships in Sevilla. Strangely, no women's eights have signed up for this second Cup at Dorney.

FISA's World Rowing website posted an article about who to watch. Read it here. All around the web, you will find rowing experts giving you their view on whom is going to medal at Eton Dorney. HTBS has decided to stay out of trying to stare into the crystal ball. We would, however, like to express that we think it is unfortunate that Women's Henley is arranged at the same weekend...

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