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Thursday, February 14, 2013

CUBC vs. University of Washington Crew Lists

Cambridge viewed from the Press Launch, 2012.

The two crews for the Cambridge Blue Boat vs. University of Washington Fixture have been announced, Tim Koch writes from London.

Cambridge Blue Boat
B: Milan Bruncvik
2: Grant Wilson
3: Ty Otto
4: Steve Dudek
5: Alexander Scharp
6: Niles Garratt
7: George Nash
S: Alexander Fleming
C: Henry Fieldman

University of Washington
B: Julian Svoboda
2: Alexander Perkins
3: Sam Dommer
4: Marcus Bowyer
5: Alex Bunkers
6: Colin McCabe
7: Henry Meek
S: Dusan Milovanovic
C: Lisa Caldwell

The fixture will start at 16.30 and will be umpired by this year’s Boat Race Umpire, Matthew Pinsent. The race report for this fixture will be posted on the official Boat Race website later the same day. (See

Goldie will be competing in a fixture against the University of London at 16.00 – crew lists for both will follow shortly.

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