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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katherine Grainger - Sport Personality of the Year?

Today, Sunday, Katherine Grainger is going to be appointed 'Sports Personality of the Year', or at least many rowers in the U.K., and I, for sure, hope so. She has proven that 'dreams do come true' - which is actually what Gary Herbert yelled when Grainger and her sculling partner, Anna Watkins, crossed the finish line to take the Olympic gold in the London Games this summer. The Scottish rower has shown a tremendous fighting spirit for years, and kept on rowing to be able to get that Olympic gold medal that she was lacking in her collection. The Guardian's Rob Bagchi gives us some strong arguments in this video why Grainger should be 'Sports Personality of the Year'.

And while I am at it, please, Your Majesty, give Grainger a damehood this New Year's.

Update: Sunday evening, 6:30 p.m.: winner of the BBC Sport Personality of the Year award is cyclist Bradley Wiggins - however, I still stand by my damehood for Grainger!

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