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Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 HRR: Tim's Henley Album

Olympic Gold Medallist and Henley Steward Ben Hunt-Davis dons appropriate headgear for Thursday’s humid conditions.

HTBS’s Tim Koch sends a photo album from Henley Royal Regatta – enjoy!

A man with two loyalties.

The ‘Geese Police’ from the ‘Swan Lifeline’ charity keep swains and geese off the course. In the past this was done by the ‘Goose Boy’ who was an old gentleman in a rowing boat.

Thursday: Temple Cup – University of Groningen, Holland, v. St. Petersburg University, Russia. The ‘1’ and the ‘2’ on the 1 Mile marker show the boats relative positions.

St. Petersburg pass the Progress Board which is ten strokes from the finish. The names of the crews on the board are moved according to the relative positions throughout the race. Two races may be on the course at one time.

St. Petersburg by the lovely Victorian boat houses past the finish line.

Thursday: Princes Elizabeth Challenge Cup – Laymer feel the pain.

Thursday: Temple Cup – University of Michigan after their defeat by fellow countrymen Brown University.

Thursday: Thames Cup – Potomac Boat Club, USA, narrowly beat Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, China. The house opposite flying the red, white and black of Thames RC must be the best address in England.

The Temple near the start. Hollywood could not do it better.

Umpire Richard Stanhope’s point of view.

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