Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tufte On The Thames

One of the most popular post on HTBS so far this year is Tim Koch’s interview with the Norwegian Olympic sculling champion Olaf Tufte, “Olaf Tufte: “You can always hear the boat sing a little more…”, posted on 9 January. Tim’s rowing club, Kensington Rowing Club by Hammersmith Bridge had agreed to organise a little rowing competition on the Thames between one of their club fours (“England”) and a Norwegian team. The Scandinavian crew  (“Norway”) actually only had two real rowers, Olaf Tufte and Bjørn Jostein Singstad, and then two hosts from a tremendously popular television show in Norway, Senkveld med Thomas og Harald (‘Late night with Thomas and Harald’) with Thomas Numme and Harald Rønneberg.

The show has now aired in Norway, and a short version of the rowing race is now available on YouTube, Tim writes in an e-mail. Below is the video clip, it is all in Norwegian, but never mind, you do not need to understand what they are saying, it is entertaining as it is! Tim is the welcoming host (and he is speaking British-English, of course). But before you watch the clip, do read Tim’s 9 January article once more – click on the link above. Enjoy!


  1. As one of the crew members say in the Norwegian boat: “It’s a subtle victory for England…”

  2. That one will surely be a very popular post too !