Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Say, Those Danes...

“Ten of Denmark’s best rowers smashed the World Record for a team going 24 hours non-stop on the indoor rowing machine over the 24-25 November,” FISA reports on their website. “They set the new World Record by completing a massive 512,649 metres at Copenhagen’s central train station watched over by commuters.” The rowers were Mads Rasmussen, Thomas Morsing Larsen, Peter Søgaard, Anders Moustgaard, Kasper Aagaard, Mathias Thørring Larsen, Christian Place Pedersen, Jens Vilhelmsen, Kasper Winther Jørgensen, and Rasmus Quist. Read the FISA article by clicking here. Below you can watch the oarsmen in mid-race.

And here is the final minute...

Great Scott! Well done, boys!

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