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Saturday, April 3, 2010

What The Papers Wrote About The Boat Race

So, Cambridge won the 156th Boat Race with 1 1/3 lengths in a time of 17 minutes 35 seconds.

Here you can read what the major British newspapers wrote about the race:

Guardian's Andy Bull's Cambridge surprise favourites Oxford to win the Boat Race

Telegraph's Rachel Quarrell's Boat Race 2010: Cambridge beat Oxford in 156th university showdown

Also from the Daily Telegraph's Simon Briggs's, Boat Race 2010: Oxford's Winklevoss twins lose their Facebook status

And Simon Briggs's second article in the Daily Telegraph, Boat Race 2010: Compelling contest augers well for the future of rowing in Great Britain

Independent's Alex Lowe's Cambridge overturn odds to win the Boat Race

Independent's Chris Dodd's Rowing: Cambridge stay the course to snatch victory

The Oxford Times's Mike Rosewell's Where did it go wrong for Dark Blues

Of course, do not forget to check out the Boat Race official website for more good stuff about this incredible race. And there is the whole entire race on a video - thanks to BBC.

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