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Monday, March 30, 2009

Oxford wins the 155th Boat Race

Although Cambridge, who had a superb crew this year, had a slight lead in the beginning of the 155th Boat Race, which was held on the River Thames yesterday, Sunday 29 March, Oxford put in an extra gear at Hammersmith Bridge, and had soon thereafter passed the light blues to go for their fourth win in five years. Oxford's winning time was 17 min. 0 sec.; they crossed the finish line 3.5 boat lengths ahead of Cambridge. The total score is now Oxford 75, Cambridge 79, and 1 dead heat (in 1877).

As always, the major British newspapers had in today’s papers some good stories to tell. To read what The Independent’s Christopher Dodd writes, please click here; the former Blue and Olympic champion, James Cracknell of The Daily Telegraph, please click here; Rachel Quarrell, also The Daily Telegraph, please click here; Patrick Kidd of The Times, please click here; and, finally, Martin Cross, former Olympic champion, writing for The Guardian, please click here.

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