Photograph: Werner Schmidt

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Naked Rowers Calendars 2013

Time has come to look for a calendar for 2013. Surfing the web, I have not found a rowing calendar with naked rowers from Leander Club this year, nor has the U.S. Women's Rowing Team, or the Canadian Women's Rowing Team put out a calendar (neither of them were really naked...!). I guess, they don't need any money in between Olympic Games. However, University of Warwick Boat Club is doing its annual fund-raising, so for the forth consecutive year, the men have published a calendar with naked butt and other naked parts of the rowing body. They are joined - however, not in the same pictures or even the same calendar - by the club's women, who have a calendar of their own.

Decency allows us only to publish a picture of the club flag (above), but you can order both the calendars and a DVD on how the calendar was made (not the printing process, but behind the scenes of the photo shoot), here.

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