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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Olympic '56 Eight Reunion

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of bumping into William ‘Bill’ Becklean, cox of the Yale crew who took the Olympic gold medal in the eights in 1956. We had a nice chat, and Bill mentioned that he and the others in the Olympic eight crew were soon to have their annual reunion. Yesterday, he sent along a photograph of the group, of which only five remain. Special guest at the reunion was Emory Clark, of the Vesper ‘64 Olympic eight, also an Olympic champion.

I would like to share the photograph of the group with you readers.

Left to right: [at the head of the table] Bob Morey, stroke; Tom Charlton, bow and captain; [white trousers] Bill Becklean, cox; Ann Esselstyn; Emory Clark, of the 64 Vesper Olympic crew; Dave Wight, #2; and Caldwell ‘Ess’ Esselstyn, #6 and host of the reunion, at his farm near Hudson, N.Y.

Bill writes: ‘Only five of us are left, Emory was added this year, so we didn't have to retell all the old rowing stories!’

Thank you, Bill, may there be many more reunions for your group to come!

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